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True, true;

my feelings for you won't go away.

Inki Lee
24 February
an inki bio

Inki is a really out there person that doesn't know how to describe herself. You see, she's like the seasons. To one person she can be loving and kind, but to another she can be cold and disheartening. It all depends on how you are to her. If you're someone who're quiet and nice, she'll respond in the same way, but if you're loud and rude, she'll top you with her own rude and loudness. She doesn't believe that you should treat one as you would another because everyone has different circumstances; She's someone that would help her friend out even when they're wrong.

A lover of dreaming, and a dreamer of love, Inki is someone who just can't be completely depicted in a single bio box.

Oh! Before you go, you must absolutely know~ Inki's forever stuck in an elevator with Kim Ryeowook

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