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You, Stupid Face

This is Fucking Christmas; HeeWook

*A 100 SuJu Fics Challenge Fic*
*Also a birthday present for Kim Ryeowook~ Happy 23rd birthday!*
Challenge: 2 out of 100. Christmas, Heechul/Ryeowook
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Title: This is Fucking Christmas

Author: Jeonyong
Pairing: Heechul / Ryeowook (Not really in that order or the other.)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Disclaimer: It's wrong to own other humans, and therefore, I do not own any members of Super Junior.

"Who do you belong to?"Collapse )

Parody; Don't Don

Happy day of birth Ren  (haechu)! You're an awesome gal that just makes my life that much more special and I hope that I can be special in your life too so... I made you a Super Junior parody with Kihae incuded! Better love me~ Took me around five hours to find the right codec and software to hardsub this thing. Love you lots still~

Anyways, on to the randomness~

If you like it, please click the video to comment and rate (:

Again, happy birthday Ren! I hope you absolutely adored this video! :D


Daughter; A Few More Mishaps

Title: Daughter
(Main) Pairings: YeWook & TeukiOC
Rating: PG-13 (May, or may not, turn into R as story progresses.)
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior.
Previous Chapter: 1
Summary: Parenthood came early to Yesung when his brother asked that he keep his Lillian safe for him. The girl is nice enough, and she has a lovely face, but why does she keep getting into accidents? Is there more to her than Yesung's brother told him?

Chapter Two: A Few More Mishaps Collapse )

Life-Saving; KangTeuk

Title: Life-Saving
Pairing: Kang In/ Leeteuk
Rating: PG
Summary: "Because of you, I learned that life had more to it than drinking and playing around. Because of you, I loved..."

"You had saved me..."Collapse )

Immaturity; JungJoon

Title: Immaturity
Pairing: JungJoon
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own SS501, obviously.
Summary: Just a typical day with Jung Min and his much abused lover, aka, fluff, fluff, fluff. No editing done, deal with it!

On to the story with no plot...!Collapse )

back on lj (:

i have never stuck on a blog for long, and i don't believe i've ever returned to one either, so this one must hold meaning to me? don't know what yet, but maybe something life-changing (or ending)'ll happen to me here on lj ^^

okay so quick update (since i need to finish this algebra project in 12 minutes)

- i'm starting to make amvs again but this guy i know is totally hurting my esteem at the moment so... i don't know if i should ever show mine to everyone since i feel like i suck, you know? everyone is really pro at them (at least the ones I see on youtube, the ones made with sony vegas)
but me. i feel like a loser when i compare mines to everyone elses'

- just finished darker than black, i do not know why i hesitated on watching this anime at first. it. was. kickass. watch it! hei is freaking hot and like an unintentional playboy xD but it's not a romantic show though, so don't worry about it if you hate shojo stuff.

- and lastly, i recently put myself in a trance (: more on that later

talk to y'all later~

starting up the old brain again

it's that time of season again folks. that's right, the time of school RETURNING. I still have the damn christmas project only like 15% done. wow...

anyways, keeping my lj up-to-date with my current events:

im still trying to join inmeliora but my photoshop is being an ass and wont lemme use it so im trying to crack it again but... -sigh- anyways, i need to get my page done in two days apparently and i just cant make that deadline. ._.

okay um im going to watch Darker than Black. it's an anime three people have reccommended to me so far :O must be worth something right? i'm going to try to blog about it.

and lastly, the christmas project. 

well that's it for now. i think the christmas project should be at the top but eh x] entertainment will always be numba one for me ;] okay ttfn~

-edit- grr. im trying to make a userpic for this entry (a cute nerd pic because of the name, aka castor-sama of 07 ghost 8D) but lj is being such an ass and wont lemme go anything right. ._.